Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (2023)


Stephanie Hsu often made a humorous posts about her partner.

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April 23, 2023


Susmita Dahal

Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (2)

Stephanie Hsu is a Taiwanese-American actress well-known for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once in 2022.

She played the role of Joy Wang and Jobu Tupaki in the movie, which received critical acclaim, won many awards, and even got nominated for theAcademy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She also has gained tremendous fame with her role in various other projects such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Path, and many more.


With her rising fame, Hsu’s love life has been something her fans are curious about, and fans are eager to know if she is married or dating someone.

Stephanie Hsu’s relationship with her partner

People often speculate Hsu is queer. However, she has a relationship with a man of the opposite gender.

The 32-year-old is not married yet but is dating her long-term boyfriend, Britton Smith. He is the lead singer of the band Britton and The Sting and serves as the president of Broadway Advocacy Coalition.


Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (3)

Stephanie Hsu with Britton Smith (Image Source: Instagram/stephaniehsuofficial)

Hsu prefers to maintain privacy regarding her personal relationships and often avoids providing details during interviews. However, she had occasionally shared pictures of herself with Smith on social media, which offers a glimpse into their relationship.

On February 24, 2019, the Girl Code alum posted a photo on her Instagram with Smith jokingly wishing her fans a Merry Christmas. It may be because both of them wore red hoodies.

She wrote, “merry christmas from our family to yours.” She also mentioned the hashtag #notchristmas #onesie #snuggie #bemoreweird #bemorecomfortable #bemorecute #bemorechill #content #fridakahlo #gerardisourbaby


Also, in another post, posted on June 28, 2019, Hsu mentioned Smith, her girlfriend, posting a photo with him. She wrote, “me & my girlfriend,” in the caption.

As seen from her caption, Hsu seems to have a great comic sense. She had often posted photos with her friend and co-star, Allan K Washington, with a humorous caption.

In one of the posts from August 31, 2018, she posted a photo of Wahington and captioned it, “I miss my beautiful wife. Sorry I missed your phone call babe I was getting a massage. To the rest of the world: you’re welcome for this man’s arms,” with the captions marriedlyfe #marriedwife #arms #gay #play #yay


The Hsu and Washington even attended Oscar Party together. The actor posted a photo on his Instagram that also featured his co-actor.

There are often speculations about their off-screen relationship,, but they appear to be just buddies and coworkers.

Know more about Stephanie Hsu

Hsu was born on November 25, 1990, in Torrance, California, to a single mother. Her maternal grandmother had relocated to Taiwan from Mainland China to escape the Chinese Civil War.


During her teenage years, her mother moved to the United States in search of better educational opportunities.

Hsu attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School before moving to Brooklyn to pursue a career in theatre. She graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2012 and received training from the Atlantic Theater Company.

Hsu began her career in experimental theatre after training at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She later went on to make her mark on Broadway by originating the role of Christine Canigula in Be More Chill from 2015 to 2019


She joined the cast of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for its third season and won the 2020 SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

His breakthrough role was in 2022 in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once, receiving She has upcoming roles in the films Joy Ride and American Born Chinese, as well as a guest spot in the Peacock series Poker Face.


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Discover whether Dawson Knox is dating anyone.

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12 hours ago


April 23, 2023


Sumila Tuladhar

Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (5)

Dawson Knox, the talented tight end for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, appears to have a special person in his life.

Recently, Deumoix, a popular gossip social media account, shared a screenshot of Knox with an unknown girl in a local flower shop.

In the picture, the football player wore a fashionable light orange t-shirt, complemented by black trousers and a trendy black cap. He appeared to be engaged in a phone conversation.


On the other hand, the girl in the picture was seen wearing a stylish denim jacket paired with black pants. She was holding a bouquet. However, her back was facing the camera, so her facial features were not visible in the image.

Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (6)

Dawson Knox was seen buying flowers with an unknown woman. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Deumoix wrote above the picture, “Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox was caught picking out flowers with a lady friend at Trader Joe’s in suburban Buffalo this afternoon. Knox was completely unfazed by the attention, but his companion appeared to be more cautious, casting furtive glances around to see if anyone was watching them.”

In response to the story shared by the popular gossip page, fans of Knox began to speculate about the purpose of his visit to Trader Joe’s in suburban Buffalo with a female companion. Many of his followers couldn’t help but wonder if the football player was buying flowers for someone special.


However, there is no confirmation that Knox is dating anyone. Upon reviewing his Instagram account, it appears that The Buffalo Bills player primarily posts about his professional life and keeps his personal life private.

Similarly, details about Knox’s relationship with the woman he was seen with at Trader Joe’s in suburban Buffalo also remained unknown.

Dawson Knox’s dating rumors with Kendall Toole

In late 2022, Knox was rumored to be in a relationship with Kendall Toole. On September 28, 2022, a social media user, Bills Chick, took to Twitter, expressing surprise by tweeting, “Wait, Dawson Knox is dating Kendall Toole (Peloton)? This is the first I’m hearing of this.”


After the tweet gained attention, numerous individuals shared their opinions on the rumored relationship between Knox and Toole.

wait Dawson Knox is dating Kendall Toole (Peloton)? this is the first i'm hearing of this.— Bills_Chick (@Bills_Chick) September 28, 2022

One person expressed, “If this is true, I absolutely love this. I first heard about her because she’s a big mental health advocate. She seems like such an incredibly genuine person,” to which Chick responded, “She told my friend they were dating, so I’m pretty sure it’s true. You gotta ship some Bills Mafia Babes merch to the Peloton NYC studios.”

However, there has been no official confirmation from either the football player or Toole regarding their relationship, and as such, the dating rumor remains unverified.


Brief on Dawson Knox’s career

Knox’s collegiate football career took place at the University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss. He enrolled as a walk-on fullback in 2015 and played until 2018.

During his time at Ole Miss, Knox demonstrated his skills as a pass-catcher in college football, accumulating 39 receptions for 605 yards. After completing his junior season in 2018, he decided to forego his senior year and enter the 2019 NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills.


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Isaiah John has been happily together with Hasha.

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2 days ago


April 21, 2023


Susmita Dahal

Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (8)

Isaiah John, known for his breakout role as Leon Simmons in the FX series Snowfall, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his impressive acting skills.

John has also appeared in several other TV series, including When the Streetlights Go On, Saints & Sinners, and Finding Carter.

Aside from TV work, he has also appeared in several films. He played TQ in the 2020 film All Day and a Night and played a small role as a gang member in the 2016 film Barbershop: The Next Cut.


He also appeared in The Divergent Series: Insurgent in 2015 as an Amity Citizen and had an uncredited role in Standing Up as a Camp Evergreen Kid in 2013.

However, despite his rising fame, he has kept his personal life from the limelight. Nevertheless, we have some insights into his love life thanks to sources close to the actor.

Isaiah John calls his son his body twin

The actor isn’t single or dating any girlfriends. In fact, he is married to Hasha John. The couple tied the knot on December 8, 2019, as revealed by Hasha’s Instagram post.


She posted her marriage photographs with a beautiful caption revealing her marriage date. “Marriage- marriage is such a big thing a word that holds so much power… A word that holds many together,” she wrote, “12/08/2019 two families were joined together.”

Interestingly, the couple had managed to keep their marriage a secret until Hasha’s baby shower. The couple’s baby shower was also attended by John’s co-star Michael Hyatt, who posted a picture of the trio on her Instagram handles on August 1, 2021.

The couple was blessed with a baby boy. The post from John’s Instagram announced the birth of his son on September 24th, 2021, at 12:12 AM.


John expressed his excitement about the birth of his son and shared a letter. In the letter, John thanks the Heavenly Father for his son and acknowledges his son’s powerful name, which his mother gave him, knowing he would be a great man of God.

“You are a leader. You are anointed. You are chosen. I promise to show and teach you how to be a well-rounded man. A man that loves. A man that leads. A man that always looks to Our Heavenly Father for answers,” he wrote.

The letter to his son also indicates that he is looking forward to the day when they will meet in person. He hopes that when he holds his son, it feels like home. John also shares that his son looks just like him and includes a photo of himself as a newborn in the next slide.


John considers his son as his body twin and often posts photos and videos with him. The last time he posted his son’s video to this date was on December 11, 2022. In the caption, he wrote, “Love you with everything in my body twin.”

John’s wife, Hasha, is quite active on her Instagram account, and her handle provides some insight into the couple’s life and her life as a parent.

In fact, she recently shared a photo with her husband on February 18, 2023, on her Instagram handle from the event of Snowfall Season 6. They looked quite happy together.


Hasha also posts photos with her son and John at other times, whether wishing her husband his birthday or congratulating him for his professional success.

Meet Actor Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend Elsie Richter (9)

Isaiah John with his wife and son (Photo credit: Instagram)

On September 25, 2022, Hasha also wished his son on his birthday and also mentioned that she is proud of herself for being one year postpartum.

She wrote, “Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy. Mommie is so thankful for you.1 year postpartum and I’m so freaking proud of myself.”


More about Isaiah John

John was born on November 16, 1995, in Atlanta, Georgia. He discovered his love for acting at an early age. He has a background in the entertainment industry, as his mother, Pamela John, has a background in rap music.

Also, John has two siblings, an actress named Racquel and a stuntman named Ivan. He would perform shows with his siblings every weekend and by the age of 14.

After honing his craft with the help of renowned acting coaches, he started his acting career with a student film called No Way Out in 2009. Since then, he has worked on multiple short films, TV pilots, movies, and PSAs.


John’s talent and dedication paid off when he landed in Snowfall. His stellar performance on the show has earned him widespread recognition and critical acclaim.

He has also worked as a production assistant to understand the filmmaking process better.


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Are Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Richter still together? ›

Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Richter have been dating since early 2021 and confirmed their relationship with a cute now-deleted pic a few months later. Find out more about Elsie and her very private romance with Finn here. Finn and Elsie have been dating since early 2021.

Is Elsie in Stranger things? ›

All the DetailsWho Is Elsie Richter? Meet 'Stranger Things' Star Finn Wolfhard's Girlfriend.

What is Elsie Richter in? ›

Elsie Richter is known for Doll & Em (2013) and Di Bibl (2019).

What ethnicity is Finn Wolfhard? ›

Wolfhard was born on December 23, 2002, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to a family of French, German, and Jewish descent. He attended Catholic school. His father, Eric Wolfhard, is a researcher on Indigenous land claims in Canada. He has an older brother, actor Nick Wolfhard.

Does Finn get a girlfriend? ›

Finn & Flame Princess

Phoebe, a.k.a. Flame Princess, is Finn's first real flame after his long-lasting unrequited crush on Princess Bubblegum. For a while, they go out and have fun together, and their relationship is the epitome of young love.

How old is Elsie Richer? ›

Who is the beautiful girl in Stranger Things? ›

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown can now add “beauty entrepreneur” to her resume.

Who is the pretty girl in Stranger Things 4? ›

Chrissy Cunningham, portrayed by Grace Van Dien, was a recurring character in Stranger Things, appearing in the first episode of the fourth season.

Who is the bald girl in Stranger? ›

In 2016, Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame playing the telekinetic Eleven on Netflix's massively successful Stranger Things with a buzzcut that became the character's signature look.

How old is Elise Richter? ›

Elise was 78 when she died there on 21 June 1943.

Where does Elsie Richter live now? ›

Profile summary
Full nameElsie Richter
Age20 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthEngland, United Kingdom
Current residenceBrooklyn, New York, United States
23 more rows
Nov 19, 2022

What is Elsie Richter birthday? ›

When did Elsie and Finn start dating? ›

Finn and Elsie have been dating since early 2021. The 'Stranger Things' icon has been extremely private about the relationship. Elsie is a fellow actress with a family background in the craft.

What age is Finn? ›

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is about the surreal adventures of a 14-year-old human boy named Finn (Jeremy Shada) and his wisecracking dog Jake (John Di Maggio).

How old is Sadie? ›

Is Princess Bubblegum LGBT? ›

Reviewers have argued that she is either bisexual, non-binary, queer, lesbian, or a combination of some of the latter, as both live in a world where "sexuality is somewhat fluid". In the series finale of Adventure Time, "Come Along with Me", Bonnie and Marcy shared an on-screen kiss, confirming their relationship.

Does Finn meet his real mom? ›

The trip culminates with a visit to Founder's Island, where Finn meets his biological mother, Minerva Campbell (voiced by Sharon Horgan), and discovers what happened to the remainder of the human race.

Did Finn ever have kids? ›

Jay & Bonnie Mertens are Finn and Roselinen's children in the Pillow World as seen in "Puhoy." They were raised by their parents and around their grandfather, Quilton, but never met their father's side of the family. They appear to be extremely close to their parents throughout the episode.

Why is Finn Wolfhard so tall? ›

Boys tend to have growth spurts in their early teens and then stop growing by age 16. This definitely adds up because Finn was only 13 years old at the time of season 1, so he had just started getting taller.

How old is Millie Bobby Town? ›

Millie Bobby Brown was born on February 19, 2004, in Marbella, Andalusia, Spain. Brown has grown to become one of the most influential teens of our time. She rose to prominence for her role in “Stranger Things,” a Netflix science fiction horror series.

Who are Elsie Pearl's parents? ›

Image of Who are Elsie Pearl's parents?
Dorothy Perpetua Wells is an English actress and writer. She co-wrote and starred in the Sky Living series Doll & Em with Emily Mortimer, and wrote and directed the 2019 comedy-drama Good Posture.

Is Stranger Things appropriate for 11 year olds? ›

The Common Sense experts say the show is fine for kids 13+, while both parents and kids agree the show is appropriate for ages 12+.

Who is the bad girl in Stranger Things? ›

Angela, portrayed by Elodie Grace Orkin, is a recurring antagonist in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Who is the blue hair girl in Stranger Things? ›

Sadie Sink is an American actress. She started her career in the theater, and rose to prominence for her roles as Max in Netflix's science fiction drama series Stranger Things (2016) and Ziggy Berman in the horror films Fear Street: Part Two - 1978 (2021)

Who is the blonde girl that died in Stranger Things? ›

Episodes. Sara Hopper, portrayed by Elle Graham, was a minor character in Stranger Things. She was the only daughter of Jim and Diane Hopper. She was born in Hawkins and raised in New York until she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

Who is the skinny girl in Stranger Things? ›

Natalia Danielle Dyer (born January 13, 1995) is an American actress. She is best known for starring as Nancy Wheeler in the Netflix sci-fi horror series Stranger Things (2016–present). She has also appeared in the films Yes, God, Yes (2019), Velvet Buzzsaw (2019), and Things Heard & Seen (2021).

Who has fake hair in Stranger Things? ›

Welcome or not, the buzz cut is an extraordinary achievement by Stranger Things hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul and her team, who created Eleven's shorn locks via a painstakingly designed wig.

Who is the black curly hair girl in Stranger Things? ›

The 12-year-old actress is featured on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly with new curly locks.

Who is the curly hair in Stranger Things? ›

And now, we also know that the show's most beloved character, Eleven (played by equally beloved 12-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown), is not only alive in the second season, but also debuting a complete hair transformation.

Who is Finn Wolfhard in love with? ›

5 Everything To Know About Finn Wolfhard And Elsie Pearls Richter's Relationship. Elsie's Instagram is where the two were confirmed to be dating. Elsie posted a very blurry selfie of her and Finn kissing all the way back in June 2021.

Did Lily Elsie have children? ›

As she had no children or immediate family, apart from a niece called Elise Hodder, who she cut out of her will, her life and achievements slowly slipped beneath the waves of time and she was in danger of being forgotten as those who had adored her and followed her career died away.

Where does Max Richter live? ›

Max Richter lives in Oxfordshire with his partner, the visual artist Yulia Mahr, two black Labradors and a cat. They have previously lived in Edinburgh and Berlin.

How old was Finn when he kissed Millie? ›

In the first season of Stranger Things, Mike (played by Finn) and Eleven (Millie) formed a bond that felt like a little more than friends. By the eighth episode, their chemistry was palpable and it led to a perfectly awkward first kiss that neither of them would forget. At the time, Finn was 12 and Millie was 11.

Who kissed Finn in Adventure Time? ›

Princess Bubblegum kisses Finn on the cheek for trying to win her heart through his smarts.

Where does Finn Wolfhard live? ›

When did Finn lose his arm? ›

Wake Up and Escape from the Citadel
"Wake Up" and "Escape from the Citadel"
Betrayed by his father and left behind, Finn loses his right arm. Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club wrote that the transformation of Finn's arm was similar to Tetsuo Shima's transformation in the anime Akira.
Episode nos.Season 6 Episodes 1 & 2
13 more rows

What is Finn short for? ›

No, Finn is not short for anything in its original form. It has several origins, but none of them are longer versions of the name. However, it could likely be used as a shortened name for Griffin, Phineas, Finnegan, and others like it.

Does Sadie have a gf? ›

Unfortch, Sadie hasn't been linked to anyone since her hangout sesh with Patrick, and it's not all that surprising, considering how she likes to keep a low profile. She even told Glamour UK during a June 2022 interview that she tries to avoid IG as much as possible.

Does Sadie have a crush? ›

Throughout Season 1, Sadie has an obvious crush on Matty and is jealous of his relationship with Jenna Hamilton.

Does Sadie have a girlfriend? ›

Shep is the romantic partner of Sadie Miller.

Is Finn Wolfhard single again? ›

'Stranger Things' star Finn Wolfhard has had a lot of questions about his dating life since the show started. But does Finn have a girlfriend?

Is Noah from Stranger Things dating anyone? ›

Noah has yet to confirm he is in any romantic relationship — but he does have close friendships with his Stranger Things cast members, especially Millie Bobby Brown.

How old is Finn Wolfhard now? ›

Did Millie and Noah ever date? ›

Are Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown In a Relationship? The costars are just friends and purely platonic!

Who kissed Finn Wolfhard? ›

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard is opening up about his first onscreen kiss with Millie Bobby Brown, and it's safe to say, the moment was anything but romantic.

Is Millie Bobby Brown engaged? ›

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals a Close-Up of Her Diamond Engagement Ring. The “Stranger Things” actress announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi on April 11, 2023. Lilly is the assistant editor at Brides.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Deaf? ›

Millie Bobby Brown described her passion as a 'bug', but things weren't easy as she never took acting lessons or underwent training to be a singer, and she does this while being deaf in one ear. Nonetheless, she never let this handicap come in the way.

What is Millie Bobby Brown's first name? ›

Millie Bobby Brown (born 19 February 2004) is a British actress. She gained recognition for playing Eleven in the Netflix science fiction series Stranger Things (2016–present), for which she received nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards.

How do I call Finn Wolfhard? ›

While Finn Wolfhard's personal phone number is not public information, you can reach him by phone through his representatives by calling CAA at 424-288-2000.

Has Finn Wolfhard ever dyed his hair? ›

With his role of Mike Wheeler temporarily on pause, Finn is free to resume his normal hair routine. The star has typically sported a brown, shaggy cut similar to his Stranger Things character, but the new style has him wearing short hair that's dyed in a shade of burgundy.

How tall is vecna from Stranger Things? ›

According to Celebheights, Jamie Campbell Bower stands at 6 feet tall. He is three inches over the average height for a male in the U.S., which is 5 feet 9 inches. While watching Jamie in Stranger Things, it's clearly visible that he's in the 6-foot range.

How much does Millie Bobby Brown earn from Stranger Things? ›

According to Deadline, Brown's starring role made around $30,000 per episode in Seasons 1 and 2. By Season 3, the young actress' salary was reportedly bumped up to somewhere around $250,000 per episode.


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